Don’t Play Him Cheap ‘Cause You Know He Ain’t Shy

Blogmas Day 8!

Who wants to know what’s in my handbag?!!!  Remember, I’m just following along with preset topics 🙂

I typically don’t carry much in my purse (currently a black cross-body satchel with gold chain from Forever 21)…here are my current items:

– my wallet – purchased at Target (no cash)

– my make-up case (which has its own blog post coming up so I’ll skip what’s in it)

– pack of excel winter fresh gum with one piece left

– my current favourite pair of sunglasses I received from a guy I was seeing

Exciting no?!!!  I don’t fully understand what else needs to be in a purse….depending on the weather the only other thing I would carry is an umbrella, or gloves…and maybe a water bottle if I’m out all day….my phone has my calendar and the only time I carry my iPad is if I’m travelling…I love the look of big shoulder bags but I could never fill one!

Do you have a big purse?  What do you fill it with?!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and love