Don’t Need Diamonds or Pearls

Howdy Do Blogger Friends

Well.  It’s been a while.

I could make up some lame excuse but it would be just that.

An excuse.

There’s no reason why I couldn’t have posted before today.  Things happen, life happens…but I find it not overly interesting for me to blather on about mundane things like hosting my first Easter dinner or the fact that I can’t walk because I pretended to be in the same shape I was over a year ago.

So no excuse.

I just really felt I had nothing overly exciting to contribute.

That’s the weird thing about blogging I think.  Well, one of the things anyway.

I could think I have come up with the most amazing topic or experience to talk about and the majority of people might think it’s lame…and then the other side could be just as true….talking about such and such is sooooo boring to me but maybe you would find it interesting.


I guess I’m still trying to figure out the dynamics of what I’m doing here.  And I know, from reading other blogs, that it should all just be about what I enjoy so that’s what I’m going to stick with.  I’m going to go with the umbrella “lifestyle”.  I think that pretty much covers everything.  Well I guess more specifically MY lifestyle…with topics including, but not exclusive to:  life, food, love, beauty, family and travel.  It’ll be a mashup of sorts.  One week you might be so bored you fall asleep on your mobile then the next you might think you just read the best thing on the internet (then you’ll come by and continue to be entertained with my blog).

The thing is…it’s just a place for me to come and share when I feel like sharing.  I was going to try to keep myself to a schedule of making sure I post on certain days…but screw it.  I don’t want to post just to post.

Which gets me on to this post.


I am on Facebook.  A lot.  Maybe too much.  But it’s interesting to me and I have actually learned some things on there…(thanks ‘I F&*%king Love Science!)…But I also skip over A LOT of things.  I don’t often buy into sappy stories or get scared into sharing something because if I don’t my tongue will go purple and my wishes won’t come true.

So when a friend of a friend invited me to some “event” I was skeptical.  Even more skeptical when I read further and it was trying to get someone on to the Ellen show.  But then I read the event description…..and people’s comments….and I became less skeptical.  Then I watched a YouTube video about the person who had set up the initial event, the young man who so desperately wants to make Ellen laugh and to always be remembered.

And I was sold.

I teach high school and I have met some very extraordinary people.

But this kid…

This is a story I believe every young person needs to see.  Every old person at that.

This is courage.

This is love.

This is living.

I don’t know this person.  I am not affiliated in any way with him or his family.  It is just a story that has touched my heart and if by sharing his story on my tiny little blog helps, even in the smallest way, I will be happy.

Please, take the time to meet this young man.

You don’t need to join in his crusade to get him on Ellen’s show (unless, of course, your heart tells you to).

Just be inspired.

Be humbled.

And laugh.  Always.

Hugs and Love