Music, reality, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference

Blogmas Day 5!

10 Songs I’m loving right now…

Self explanatory…no particular order (song – artist)

1.  Warrior – Kimbra…I absolutely LOVE her…she might be “someone that you used to know” but you should really get to know her again.

2. Beautiful War – Kings of Leon…they started off strong with Supersoaker but this is quite possibly my favourite on Mechanical Bull…for now 😉

3.  Strings – Young the Giant…pretty sure I have listened to their self titled album at least 200 times…it was my go to album in 2011…not my favourite track off of it but I’m digging it now.  CAN’T WAIT for Mind Over Matter!!!!  (definitely my favourite (male) band in the past five years)

4. Dreams So Real – Metric.  It’s Metric…enough said.  (if you have never seen them live YOU ARE TOTALLY MISSING OUT!!!!!!  GO.)

5. Hate To See Your Heart Break – Paramore…long time fan…totally am in love with their current album.  Get it.

6.  The Way It Used To Be – City and Colour….I love this man.  LOVE.

7.  The Ballad Of Love And Hate – The Avett Brothers…I fell in love with these guys when they performed at the Grammys. This song…so many emotions…

8.  Now Is The Start – A Fine Frenzy…I do love my rocker chicks…although she’s not really a “rocker”…She is sweetness wrapped in loving, meaningful lyrics and music….not to mention a smile that lights up the entire world!  Pines is not my favourite album of hers but I adore this song.  Came about at a time in my life when I needed it more than anything.

9.  I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons…that is all 🙂

10. Compass – Lady Antebellum…yes COUNTRY!!  I love this song…I am currently teaching a grade 9 physed class and asked them to get a list of songs they would want to listen to in class…majority of the songs were country…so my last song pays tribute to the sweet girls that reignited my, once closeted, love of country music!!

There is not a day that goes by where music is not playing at some point in my life….if it were acceptable I’d play it in my classroom when my students are working quietly….

Thanks so much for stopping by and perhaps you leave with some new tunes to check out!

Never stop singing!

Hugs and love

I Wake Up To The Sound Of Music

I have always envied the passionate people I know.

To have something they love so much it’s almost as if it drives their soul…they find their purpose in their passion.

I’m not such a person.  Don’t get me wrong…I love life and am passionate about living but I don’t have a true “passion” per se.

However there is one area of my life that falls pretty damn close.


I am in no way any kind of gifted/talented in the music department…I took piano lessons when I was in High School (totally rocking out a New Kids song at my recital…oooooh yeah…) but piano playing and double jointed/easily lockable fingers don’t really get on together and I only made it to Grade 3 I believe…I also love singing along to songs…although trust me when I say it’s better if I sing along in private.

It never, ever ceases to amaze me that we, as a species, have taken such often simple instruments and created amazing sounds from them….sticks drumming, little hammers hitting strings, blowing air into a metal tube, fingers strumming wire….it blows my mind.

There have been many times where music has been my comfort….from curling up and listening to soft melodies made by voice and instrument and feeling so much less alone…to dancing naked in my room to a current favourite song (c’mon…I’m not the only one)…and to being crazy emotional and singing as loud as I can to Nine Inch Nails or Rage Against The Machine whilst driving alone.

For as long as I can remember my life has been shaped around the enjoyment and appreciation of music and I think my current, well rounded, tastes stem from always having some form of music in my life… from car rides as a kid listening to The Beach Boys or Willie Nelson on 8 Tack (the main music in my childhood was Country  & Western), to be-bopping with my Dad on New Years Eve to Bill Haley and The Comets or Jerry Lee Lewis…to doing jigs and polkas while my Uncle played the fiddle and my Dad the banjo or accordion…to putting on my mom’s square dancing skirt (complete with crinoline) and pretending to be Sandra Dee and singing, and acting, the entire soundtrack of Grease…to stealing into my brother’s room when he wasn’t there to listen to Depeche Mode and The Smiths…

I find strength in music.  There isn’t a day that goes by without music playing in my life.  It can transport me out of reality or push me deeper into it.  I love that with whatever emotion I am feeling I can find something to match so that I feel understood and not so crazy or isolated.

What does music do for you?  Do you have any sentimental music memories?

Never stop singing.

~Hugs and love~