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Blogmas Day 30!!! – What’s in your makeup bag?

I recently attended a wedding and had a handbag big enough to fit my makeup bag inside…a rarity for wedding outfits usually!  Before I go into detail about what I carried I must make a couple of disclaimers:

1.  I’m a bit addicted to makeup.  Growing up I was never really interested…always a tomboy and never wearing any…it has only been since I turned 30 that I have fallen truly in love.
2.  I have a love/hate relationship with lip colour.  I absolutely love lipstick but hate wearing it…I feel like that’s all people see, that it’ll get on my teeth, that it will wear off all uneven and look ridiculous…and I also always have flakey lips which doesn’t work well with lipstick…so I tend to fulfill my love with lip glosses…you will see that for one wedding I have more than enough choice 😉

My makeup bag:  on sale from Indigo




IMG_0034From left to right:
1.  Buxom Full-on Lip Cream in Berry Blast….their range of lip products are my favourite!!  I have about five different shades.  I tend towards the ones that give a bit of a tingle.  They wear well and don’t dry my lips out.
2.  Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Apocaliptic…liquid lipstick…love it 🙂
3.  Hourglass Aura Sheer Lip Stain in Aura Flush…I love stains.  This one in particular doesn’t dry out my lips and lasts well and wears away evenly.  Worth the high end price!
4.  MAC Dazzleglass in Rags to Riches…pink and sparkly….looks amazing over a deep pinky berry
5.  Urban Decay lipstick in Venom…my newest addition and beautiful colour for winter
6. Top left of my makeup bag is my compact – got it at a Fossil outlet…below that are my mini Tweezerman tweezers…I will never use any other brand
7.  Bottom right on my makeup bag – Sexy Mama translucent pressed powder from The Balm (my powder brush didn’t fit in my makeup bag)
8. Below my bag – Stila Artful eye collector’s edition vol. II – a small, portable, eyeshadow palette consisting of five neutral shades with my RiRi hearts MAC dual eyeshadow brush…just in case a touchup was needed.
9. Laying across the palette and bag – Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Perversion…the blackest black eyeliner ever…if you need one this is the one you want!
10. To the right of my bag are three non-makeup related items – travel sized Bliss hand cream in Blood Orange and White Pepper, Blistex medicated lip balm and a decorative hair elastic from Foxy jewelry.

And that’s it!  The contents change often but I will always have hand cream, lip balm and one or two lip glosses or lipsticks in my bag…Fuchsia was the colour theme I was going for on this day!



What’s in your makeup bag?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with any kind of makeup?

Hugs and love!

Don’t Judge Me…

I will be the first to admit….I have way more makeup than I ever wear.

It’s a problem.

I just wear the basics to work and never wear it on my lazy trackie days…. the only time I ever put any “real” effort in is when I am heading out on the town…and, judging by how big my ass got this winter, that’s not often.

But I love it.  I love beautiful packaging, the way certain things feel in my hand and I love experimenting.  (and I am totally aware that all of that sentence could be read in a totally different light)

I follow quite a few beauty bloggers so when I got wind of the newest limited edition piece of beauty joy I knew I just had to get it.  Sephora (my guilty pleasure) has collaborated with Disney and has put out a few limited edition Princess collections in the past.  Now, I’m definitely not too old for Disney but as a young girl I definitely missed out on the whole “Princess” theme that Disney has since marketed to the young ones.  They were just the female characters from the movies I had watched as a kid.

I have two favourite Disney movies from my childhood: 1.  The Fox and The Hound…friendship…I dare you to watch it and not be a slobbering sobbing mess at the end. and 2.  The Little Mermaid…go after your dreams no matter how insurmountable they may be.

So when Sephora came out with the Cinderella collection, I passed (I don’t need to be rescued by any man) and when the Jasmine collection came out, I passed as well (she falls for a thief and a liar…no thanks)….but when I heard about the Ariel collection….well, my bank account was not happy with me.

I jumped online as soon as I knew it was on sale and picked up my first piece.  The Sephora collections consist of many different products ranging from eyeshadows to perfume.  I immediately purchased the Storylook Palette which consists of 20 different eyeshadows all in colours that represent Ariel and her world….with cutsey names like Scuttle, Your Voice, Sea Witch and Treasures Untold.  I just received it in the mail today (was sold out the day after I placed my order) and haven’t had a chance to play around with it but I will definitely be treasuring it and experimenting with all of the colours this summer.

Disney Ariel Storylook Palette

Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream

Disney Ariel Storylook Palette


Thanks for stopping by and indulging in my guilty pleasure!

Hugs and love