No Envy, No Fear

Blogmas Day 4!

Welcome back blogging friends…

Today’s blogmas topic is “What are you afraid of?”

I could be a Debbie downer (hardy har) and go on about how I am afraid of not being able to find a partner to share my life with or my fear of not being able to get pregnant in the future, but in the spirit of Christmas I will keep it a bit light…

I really don’t have very many “fears”…I’m not scared of mice, snakes or bugs of any squish-able size…but I am afraid of heights.  Ridiculously scared…especially any situation where I am at a height and have to jump down…yes, even just three feet off the ground and if I have to jump down my tummy flips and my legs shake.  I once tried a tree top walk…where you are harnessed in and have to make it across obstacles placed at varying heights amongst trees…there were multiple levels and I made it through the “kid” level and then half way through level 1 before I had to turn around and climb down (the obstacles where only about 7 feet off the ground)…I tried, I really did, but my legs just wouldn’t move forward!

What are you afraid of?!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and love