I See Beyond The Road I’m Driving

Ok…so two days, and one hour late on posting but I come bearing excellent news!

After a VERY long, and VERY expensive journey, I received news today that I have been granted my Partner Visa!!  I think I read, and re-read, the email at least 10 times. It still feels incredibly surreal.

It has taken me a long time to find my person, and the fact that he is half way around the world makes things a little a lot more complicated, but I am incredibly excited…anxious, scared, nervous…to get this chapter of my life started. In just one month we will be able to wake up next to each other, have actual face to face conversations and discussions and won’t have to wait months to see each other any more.  It has taken us over 5 years to get to this point and I can’t wait for February!

So much work has gone into this outcome and there is no possible amount of thanks that is big enough to give those who have given up their time, money and energy into helping us to get this point.  Every single person who has helped us, encouraged us or supported us in anyway, please know that Simon and I will be forever grateful and we thank each and every one of you.

It is real now.  I will be selling my house, shipping what is left of my little life here in Canada and will be moving halfway around the world to small town NSW/Victoria Australia.  I will be leaving my job, my family and my friends here (which I still don’t allow myself to think about because…well, it hurts too much) and will be joining my new Australian family and friends in my new home and at my new (old?!) job.  I cannot express how blessed I am to have so much love in two places. Honestly it is overwhelming and something that I really need to sit with and absorb.

Here’s to new beginnings, no matter how old you are! Now start saving…we’ve got plenty of room for visitors!

~Hugs and Love~



I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I have the best friends in the world.  Fact.


In just under three months I will be on a plane, moving half way across the world to live, and work, for an entire year in Australia.  (For those not in the know, I applied for a teaching exchange and completely lucked out and was placed back in the area I was located almost two years ago.)  When I was applying, I was thinking only of myself.  I missed the country so much and ached for the weather and the views I had fallen in love with so deeply.  I wasn’t putting much thought into anything other than how much I wanted to go back.  I knew I’d be leaving family and friends for a year but it seemed like no big deal…what an idiot I am…

I was reminded today that my adventure is not all about me.  I am leaving behind so many amazing people and so much love.  My life is incredibly blessed with wonderful individuals who I have the honour to call my friends.

I’ve been feeling poorly for quite some time…the longest I can ever remember.  I was out running some errands and when I got home there was a sweet little care package waiting on my doorstep from one of my closest friends and her two little ones.  It was full of everything one would need when sick…soup, magazines and of course a tasty yummy treat…but more importantly it was full of love.

I’m just realizing now how hard being away from my friends will be.  I might not get to see every one of them as much as I wish I could (different careers, living in different cities…etc) but they are always close by.  Not having a girls night in or a Sunday brunch with my favourite people for an entire year is fully setting in.  The last time I went over to Oz I was gone for only six months and my Frister and I couldn’t stop crying when we were reunited….I realize now that my friends will miss me just as much as I will miss them and I feel badly for putting them in that position….but I know that regardless of the miles, and hours, between us they will be held close in my heart and only a Skype call away!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported, and tolerated, my craziness for as long as you have known me.  I couldn’t be as adventurous as I am without the safety net of love and support I get from all of you.

Love and huge, HUGE, hugs.









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