Don’t Want No Captain Crunch

Blogmas Day 12!!!!!

Weird post today: what’s in your fridge…almost as exciting as what’s in my purse…almost….

I share the space with my housemate so I’m not going to list what she has (because I don’t know!) but here is a sampling of my stuff:

– bottle of wine (the most important staple)
– lactose free milk
– celery
– eggs
– hummus
– cucumber
– tomatoes
– arugula
– turnips
– red grapefruit
– red grapes
– oranges
– red onions
– supplies for a potluck Christmas party tomorrow night (Brie, spiced Gouda, salami)
– and a bunch of jars full of sauces, dips, marinades…

Now your day is complete…you can imagine what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Hugs and Love