I See Beyond The Road I’m Driving

Ok…so two days, and one hour late on posting but I come bearing excellent news!

After a VERY long, and VERY expensive journey, I received news today that I have been granted my Partner Visa!!  I think I read, and re-read, the email at least 10 times. It still feels incredibly surreal.

It has taken me a long time to find my person, and the fact that he is half way around the world makes things a little a lot more complicated, but I am incredibly excited…anxious, scared, nervous…to get this chapter of my life started. In just one month we will be able to wake up next to each other, have actual face to face conversations and discussions and won’t have to wait months to see each other any more.  It has taken us over 5 years to get to this point and I can’t wait for February!

So much work has gone into this outcome and there is no possible amount of thanks that is big enough to give those who have given up their time, money and energy into helping us to get this point.  Every single person who has helped us, encouraged us or supported us in anyway, please know that Simon and I will be forever grateful and we thank each and every one of you.

It is real now.  I will be selling my house, shipping what is left of my little life here in Canada and will be moving halfway around the world to small town NSW/Victoria Australia.  I will be leaving my job, my family and my friends here (which I still don’t allow myself to think about because…well, it hurts too much) and will be joining my new Australian family and friends in my new home and at my new (old?!) job.  I cannot express how blessed I am to have so much love in two places. Honestly it is overwhelming and something that I really need to sit with and absorb.

Here’s to new beginnings, no matter how old you are! Now start saving…we’ve got plenty of room for visitors!

~Hugs and Love~



It’s All About Me Tonight

So day 2 of Blogmas brings about a post where I am to share 20 things about myself.  I have already done something similar here, but I will try to come up with 20 new things….I can’t promise no overlap though!  I will also try to keep it brief…

1.  I live my life in movie/TV quotes…I’m probably also the most annoying person to watch The Princess Bride with….

2.  I am an introvert.

3.  My favourite colour is green.

4.  For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to food/cooking shows.  Wok With Yan was mesmerizing to me at 6 years old…I LOVE FOOD!!

5. I’m all for second chances but sometimes I give third, fourth or fifth ones to people who don’t really deserve them….doesn’t usually end well for me…hopeless optimist

6. I am not ticklish

7.  I hate having my feet rubbed.

8.  I sometimes think I’m too kind for my own good….but I honestly wouldn’t want to be any different.

9.  I have never travelled to Europe.

10.  I’ve never broken a bone.

11.  I had a pink, frilly, canopy bed when I was little.

12.  I can’t stand clowns.  Nothing scarier than a clown.

13.  I have a weakness for Ritz crackers.

14.  I hated high school.

15.  I never drank underage.

16. I love sports.  It’s not rare for TSN to be on in my house…(and there are no boys here)

17. I’m scared of the future.

18.  I cannot budget my money well at all…

19.  My body is a furnace when I sleep…yet my feet are always cold.

20.  I still believe in love and hope…two of the most powerful four letter words in my life.

Well, that’s it for day two of Blogmas….I played around a bit with my site and there is now a “follow” button so you can get an email every time I post…probably not needed for Blogmas but if you want to follow my adventures down under you can get updated when I post some new content.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and Love

Some Of Us Are Wild Ones

Howdy Do Blogger Friends

So I had this post earlier and something went a bit weird when I tried to view it on my phone…I updated it back to the draft version or something…I’m actually a bit bothered because I had a pretty good intro to it and everything and for the life of me I can’t find it ANYWHERE….Good job internet….good job.

The gist of the intro was about how strange it is to blog….having your friends and family take a journey into your brain so to speak…and strangers too…but I don’t care as much about what they think…It’s a new thing for me and I am enjoying it but it is strange to think of your life, literally, as an open book.  I have never been one to shy away from my history so I figured I would give the blogging world a try.

Still mad that my original post somehow disappeared into the interweb and all its tubes…Anyway…

Here are 25 Things About Me…if you’re interested!

1. I’m older than I look…and act. And that is good. Really. I have never smoked, I have no children and I manage stress pretty well. It seems I have been blessed with good, dare I say excellent, anti aging genes.  It’s always a bit of a boost when people are shocked when they learn my true age as they tend to think about ten years younger than what I am. I’ll take it now because I know it will not last!

2. I like to shop. Acknowledgement is the first step to recovery right?

3. I can kill spiders…not furry-size-of-a-mouse-Australian spiders…but spiders and bugs of any normal Canadian size, and I am not at all freaked out by snakes or the dark but put me on a ladder two feet off the ground and I will be shaking for hours afterwards. And don’t even get me started about that stupid “swings” ride at amusement parks…nothing amusing about them…unless you’re watching me scream my head off from below.

4. I’m a HUGE fan of the ellipsis…I am sure I over use it…and misuse it too…but I don’t care…

5. I am a product of a divorced family. It happened when I was an adult which I feel has caused an entire different set of issues.

6. I can’t watch movies about horses or dogs without being a sobbing mess at the end. Marley and Me was torture. And even those damn puppet horses in War Horse…..sob.

7. Even though I don’t really think I am, I am a hopeless romantic. Not like the cheesy romantic kind but more like the cool kind…honestly there probably isn’t much of a difference. I’m still waiting for my “you had me at hello” moment.

8. I am a disgusting wealth of useless knowledge. No one ever wanted to play against me when the Cheers board game came out and no one will play Seinfeld Scene It with me either. It’s a curse….a very fun, only a handful of people get my references curse.

9. I hate being late. It’s not that I never am but it makes me incredibly anxious.

10. I love music and concerts….particularly the ones where I can chill with friends on the grass, have a beer and just enjoy. A lot of my best memories are of concerts with friends.

11. I’m a country girl at heart. Not so much the cowboy boots/hat wearing country  but more the living in the country girl.  I love the energy of a big city but my soul is much more calm surrounded by nature and the slower pace of small town.

12. I was picked on when I was younger for my weight. Debbie Debbie two by four can’t get through the bathroom door. Can still hear those kids every once in a while.

13. I had the worst teeth ever as a kid. Teeny tiny jaw, loads of crowding. Had to have four teeth pulled to make room for the rest…total teeth pulled to date: 8.  Had 8 cavities too when I was a kid.

14. I hate the dentist. See above.

15. I’m claustrophobic.

16. I am 37 years old…I have been in 3 relationships and have had my heart broken 3 times. See #5.  I’m seriously considering throwing in the towel and becoming a crazy dog lady.

17. I am adopted.

18. I suffer from depression. Which kind of makes me a walking oxymoron because I’m actually a pretty happy and positive person.

19.  I had a mullet when I was 8.

20. I used to kick boys on the playground.  I wonder if that had anything to do with #19.

21. I have a kind heart and don’t understand hate.  Unless it’s winter…then I totally get hate.

22. I’m incredibly patient.

23. I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl although I do love to get dressed up for a special night.

24. I think I’m pretty low maintenance…it may take me a while to get ready (have you seen my hair?) but I’m really laid back and am totally comfy in trackies, ponytails and zero makeup.

25. I am truly blessed with everything around me.  I have the best friends and family EVER and they make all of life’s ups and downs much more tolerable.

Thanks for reading about me writing about me…even if it’s not as good as the first one I had up.

Hugs and Love