Blogmas Day 3: Spread Your Wings And Prepare To Fly

Day 3 is all about my favourite quote.

While I do enjoy quite a few great quotes (and no, not all of them are from Seinfeld) there is one that just does it for me.  It was after a relationship had ended and I was in a really big transition state.  My life was moving forward with big things…I had gotten into a great school, teaching with amazing people and my career was off to a great start but I was still quite sad and hurt from my break-up.  I think I saw the abridged quote on someone’s MSN status and when I looked into it, well it really struck a chord.

No more blathering…my favourite quote…

~The Butterfly Knows~

Which comes from:

~ The caterpillar thinks it’s the end of the world but the butterfly knows it’s just the beginning~

What’s YOUR favourite quote?!

Hugs and love

PS.  Has anyone figured out yet that my blog post titles all come from song lyrics?! 😉