Don’t Look Down When You Cross

I have had one incredible summer.

Full of travel, family, and friends.

But also full of change.

While driving to visit a friend the other day I had a moment of clarity; when it really sunk in that my entire life is about to change.

It is currently the dying days of summer in Canada and my Country is green and lush and everything I love about it.  It was while driving down a gorgeous country road when I realized just exactly what I’ll be saying goodbye to in less than a year: of course my family and friends but also fresh water lakes as big as seas, birds with songs you could listen to for hours, and green forests so dense there is no need for sunglasses when exploring them.

After a summer so full of adventure, to be jolted back to the reality of the change that lies ahead really took me aback.

For those who don’t know my situation, my partner lives in Australia and for our lives to move forward together it makes the most sense for me to move there.  While I am incredibly happy and excited for this new chapter, and have the most wonderful family and friends to welcome me there, I’m also finding myself having to deal with the reality of saying goodbye to my comfortable life here.  I have been on my own for a VERY long time and have a very strong independent sense of self and it would be false to say that I’m not sad about the thought of leaving behind the life I’ve made here.

I’m uncertain why I felt the need to write about my sadness…I got so overwhelmed on that drive and felt I just needed to make it real.  It’s such a strange thing, to feel so many conflicting emotions all at once; happy, sad, excited, nervous.  I know this won’t be the last time I feel sad, or write about being sad (there are goodbyes to be had and packing up to be done) but there is also so much happiness and sunshine to come and I CANNOT WAIT to write about all of that!  Plus…winter is coming, and come the middle of February when it’s still -20C I know I won’t be feeling so nostalgic for my gorgeous Country then.

Until the next time…hug those you love and tell them how much they mean to you…and watch a little Jack

~ Hugs and Love ~

Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens

Blogmas Day 11!!!!!!!!

These are a few of my favourite things…15 to be exact! (in no particular order…)

1.  Movies…I loves me a good/weird/thoughtful/funny/sad movie….one recent one that warmed my heart is The Giant Mechanical Man….super cute….

2. Animals…they’re just soooo cool…

3. Mexican food…authentic mexican…mmmmmmmm my favourite!

4.  Beaches…the warm, soft sand kind…not the Bette Midler kind…waves or ripples, I’m good either way!

5. Summer…’nuf said

6.  The colour green…not a normal favourite colour but there is no question it is my favourite…I think it’s one of the reasons I love Spring/Summer so much…especially Canadian summers…so green!  Look out if I ever get to Ireland!

7.  Good TV…included in this category: Homeland, The Newsroom, Damages, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones…(Seinfeld/Friends re-runs!!!)

8.  Cookbooks….I love them.  I own a few and although it is rare that I would make every single recipe out of one entire book, I love to read through them and get inspired

9.  Australia…it’s no secret

10.  My family and friends (technically the same)…the most loving and supportive bunch of crazy people I know…

11.  The outdoors……camping/hiking/paddling/skating/snowboarding/running/cycling/walking…you name it and I’m there!

12. Music……huge outlet for me…current (and staple) faves:  Bastille, Lorde, City and Colour, Kings of Leon, Metric…

13. Spinning…my favourite form of exercise…with the exception of bootcamp…which I totally got addicted to this summer!

14. Golf…yes golf…watching AND playing…

15.  Canada…with getting prepped to leave my home country for a year it has allowed me the opportunity to realize just how much I AM Canadian and how much I really do love my Country…if only our climate could be the same as Australia’s!

Hugs and love