Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I hate my body.

I have always hated my body.

Maybe it’s because when I was in Primary school I heard echoes of “Debbie, Debbie, 2×4, can’t fit through the bathroom door” while in class and on the playground.


Maybe it’s because I tipped the scales at over 200 pounds when I was in Grade 8.


Maybe it’s the fact that the genetics gods thought it would be an excellent idea to make my skin resemble that of an orange peel (or, more accurately, like the skin of an over ripe passionfruit)


I am loved, regardless of the size of my clothes, by so many amazing people.  I am also incredibly blessed to have someone in my life who looks me in the eyes and tells me I’m beautiful even when I am at my most vulnerable…


I still cannot find peace in my body.


I know it’s ridiculous…I have run four half marathons, completed multiple triathlons, I can kick ass in any spinning class, can flip tires, do jump squats (although begrudgingly) and sling huge, heavy ropes…yet, instead of seeing the strength I carry, all I see is soft and all I feel is doughy.


I know I’m not alone.  I have stunningly beautiful friends who all struggle with body image…who complain, find fault and allow their unhappiness with certain aspects of their body to control their emotions…

Which leads me to ask…why is it so hard to think about all the positives of our bodies?  They carry us, grow babies, give nourishment and hold and give warmth to those we love.  Why is it so hard to switch the negative thoughts we hear in our heads to encouraging, positive thoughts?

Well, I’m going to try.

Little by little, starting in the month of June, for every negative thought that creeps into my head I’m going to silence it with two positive thoughts, said out loud..from me, to me…all while looking myself in the eyes.

If you’re like me and the first word that creeps into your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror is “disgusting” I challenge you to join me on a journey to positive thought and love.

~ Giving you strength and love ~

Author: upsidedowncanuck

Adventurous....not as funny as I think I am. I care about things. Mostly living things. Some non-living things. I believe in education and strongly believe that you are not fully educated until you step outside of your own little world. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don't live at all.

6 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On The Wall”

  1. I am in! I love you, think you are beautifully amazing in every which way! I love how you encourage your like minded friends to BE HAPPY. LOVE YOURSELF!!
    I love your guts xoxoox

  2. This comes almost immediately after I looked a picture of myself that a friend posted – we had just finished a 5K run for Mental Health, and each of us made our best time yet – an outstanding 38 minutes !! (haha)…and all I could think to myself was “oh my God, I am fatter than I’ve ever been, that is by far the worst I’ve ever looked”. I was just about to text her and ask her NOT to tag me in the photo, so my name wouldn’t come up. So thank you for the reminder…I will join you on this challenge. After all, even though it may not look it, at this point in time I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been. 🙂

    1. Awesome!!! Even though we are very well educated and strong women I think we will always judge ourselves on how we look based on what we “think” we should look like (thanks media) and not focus on how we feel. I’m happy to hear you didn’t send that text!! If you want a running partner when I get home I’m so in!!

  3. You’re a beautiful, strong person with the heart of an adventurer. Also, you can skip anyone under the table, so there’s that. I’m in.

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