She Don’t Cook Mashed Potatoes

Happy Blogmas day 21 everyone!  I apologize for missing the last few days but with the holidays approaching, and a bit of an ice storm where I live, there were many more important things to tend to rather than this blog (as much as I love it)

I was planning on skipping Day 20 regardless…I was to talk of a difficult time during my life and since it is the holidays I didn’t want to dwell on the sad stuff…so moving on!

Day 21 – My ten favourite foods!

This is most likely the hardest thing for me to narrow down only because I absolutely love food. LOVE IT!  More on this on Day 23!  Because this is difficult I am going to try to focus on the top 10 things I have loved at restaurants…mostly from when I was in Australia…

1.  My five course dinner I had at Stefano’s in Mildura, VIC.  Everything was delicious but one of the courses stood out to me…there was a lamb dish done three ways that was out of this world…I wasn’t a huge eater of lamb before I went to Australia but now it’s one of my favourites!

2.  Move from Mildura to Melbourne…where I have eaten some of the best food (and definitely the best coffee) of my life…I had this amazing cauliflower dish at a restaurant called Cumulus…it consisted of creamy roasted cauliflowers in some sort of truffle cream.  OH MY GOD it was so good!!

3.  Still in Melbourne and one of the first restaurants I ate at called Coda.  Super cool joint with this amazing mozzarella and pea salad…so delish.  One of the best salads I have ever had.

4.  Back to North America…NYC…ate at Momofuko Ssam Bar and had the most delicious pork buns.  I had never had anything like it before and they were amazing.  I could have eaten 100 of them.

5.  Moama, NSW…just around the corner from where I lived for 6 months was a lovely winery where I had my first ever “bubbles and squeak”…it was a pork chop dish with bubbles and squeak and it was amazing.  I would have licked my plate if I could have!

6. Chicago, IL….Table 52…Fried Green Tomatoes.  All I can say is I was in heaven.  HEAVEN!!!!!

7.  Momofuko again…this time dessert…I am not a fan of chocolate per se so when we asked our server what dessert to get and he mentioned this chocolate dish I was very meh about it…I ate my indifference that’s for sure! Best dessert I have ever had. Some chocolate mousse with plum jelly candies or something…it was sweet and sour and amazing.

8.  Alcohol counts as food??  It does when it’s made with avocado!  La Jolla, CA at an amazing restaurant called Whisknladle I had the best cocktail I have ever had…London’s Burning…gin, avocado juice, lime and jalapeños…sounds disgusting…try it!

9.  Back to Cumulus in Melbourne…I think this was my favourite stop on my food journey while there…just like lamb, duck was never high on my list of things to order.  I now know better…much better!  Duck on a bed of whole grain/seed mix…doesn’t sound great but trust me…it was!

10. Last but definitely not least…Mexican…It is my favourite “genre” of food…does food have genres?!  I ate at a cool place in Melbourne called Mamasita…delish.  We did have tacos and tostaditas but it was definitely not taco bell!

I know Canada has some amazing restaurants as well but I just haven’t had the opportunity (or have been with someone) who loves exploring food as much as I do…sorry it wasn’t a true “these are my favourite foods” list…but it is so much more interesting this way I think…when I eat amazing food I love to share!

What are some of your favourite places to eat?  Where have you had the best meal of your life?!!

Hugs and Love!

Can You Show Me What I Still Can’t See

Bolgmas Day 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

The meaning behind your Blog name.

I am currently in love.

Not with a person but with a place.

Australia.  It’s a love affair I’ve had for as long as I can remember and has only gotten stronger over the years.

I had the opportunity to live in Australia less than two years ago.  Not as a young holiday worker but as a mature, out of work, leave of absence adventurer…and my love grew deeper.

Saying goodbye to my life here, I took a chance over there for six months.  In order to be able to keep those who were interested in my adventures in the loop I decided to (try to) keep a blog.  The biggest mistake was that I didn’t bring my laptop and was stuck updating on a mobile device…which, while doable, was not very practical…so I was rubbish at it.  But when deciding on a domain/web page name Upsidedowncanuck seemed appropriate…I was a Canadian in the land “down under”… (for those not in the know…Canadians are often referred to as Canucks)

And now I embark on a bigger/longer journey…with my laptop, a new camera and some burgeoning video editing skills which will help make my new adventures much more exciting!

Hugs and Love



I Never Saw The Good Side Of The City

Blogmas Day 17!!!!!!!!!

What is your most proud moment?

This is a no-brainer for me.

It was the day I got hired on as a teacher.

I was hired at the end of October 2004, after what had been one of the most difficult summers I had ever faced.  A relationship had ended badly, I was heartbroken and the life I had planned had fallen down all around me.

I had moved back to my hometown after completing my teaching placement and was officially allowed to apply for jobs.  I was still working through my heartache but had made some professional connections and had an interview all set to go.  My first ever career oriented interview!  Not knowing how how I did I returned home that day just happy to have been given a chance and to get some interview experience under my belt…not expecting in a million years they would give the job to someone so green…but they did…and I will never forget that feeling….



What a day!

What are you most proud of?

Hugs and love


Take All of Your Wasted Honor

Blogmas Day 16!!!!!!!

What is at the top of your bucket list?!

I made it to my previous top in the Summer of 2011 when I landed in Sydney, Australia…I NEVER thought I’d get there, to Australia I mean.  It was that one over-reaching accomplishment I wanted so much but never thought I’d actually get to do…I actually shed a few tears on the plane as soon as I saw Australia come in to view on my first trip out…(now just look at me…)

In the time that has passed, though, my bucket list has changed…yes I still want to travel, London and Ireland are huge on my travel bucket list…but in terms of priorities on my list I’d have to say starting my own family is pretty much at the top.  I feel like I am pretty content with where I am in life (in general) and the only thing that could make it better, to top it off if you will, is to have an attempt at my own little family.

One day 😉

What’s on your bucket list?

Hugs and love

Now I’m Coming Back Home

Sorry.  See my blogmas day 9.

What a rough few days it’s been!

Back on track….here are my previous three days all rolled into one…

Day 13 – What is your earliest memory?

Hmmm….I have had a long hard think about this one and a few come to mind.  I’m not sure if any are earlier than this one but this seems quite early on so why not…

I clearly remember sitting in our sunroom as a little girl playing nurse with my dog Sam and meeting the lady who would become my kindergarten teacher.  (they used to make house visits back then…).  I don’t really remember my teacher (in fact I can’t even recall her name currently) but I remember playing with my dog more…it was a ritual we had…she (my dog) would lay in the sun and I would pretend she had hurt her paw and I would bandage it up.  I’m certain it was very adorable.

Day 14 – If I won the lottery

How much are we talking?  The 50 Million??  It’s such a tricky question…everyone thinks it would be amazing to win that much but I bet you life just gets that much harder…the one thing I would definitely do is to pay off all my debts.  After that, who knows.  I can’t say till I’m in that situation.

Day 15 – Timeline of your Day (typical work day)

4:40am – wake up, roll over to look at clock hoping that it’s at least 6am…never is

6:00am – out of bed…stretching, some crunches…

6:10am – shower/get ready

7:00am – walk dog

7:10am – make lunch

7:15 am – leave for work

7:30am – 3:00pm – work

3:00pm – 5pm – hang out with my dog, get caught up on tv I taped, eat dinner

5:30pm – 7pm – gym

7:30pm – any pressing marking/prep to do

9:00pm – bed

Repeat Mon – Fri

Thanks for getting caught up with me 🙂

Hugs and Love

Don’t Want No Captain Crunch

Blogmas Day 12!!!!!

Weird post today: what’s in your fridge…almost as exciting as what’s in my purse…almost….

I share the space with my housemate so I’m not going to list what she has (because I don’t know!) but here is a sampling of my stuff:

– bottle of wine (the most important staple)
– lactose free milk
– celery
– eggs
– hummus
– cucumber
– tomatoes
– arugula
– turnips
– red grapefruit
– red grapes
– oranges
– red onions
– supplies for a potluck Christmas party tomorrow night (Brie, spiced Gouda, salami)
– and a bunch of jars full of sauces, dips, marinades…

Now your day is complete…you can imagine what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Hugs and Love