I Never Saw The Good Side Of The City

Blogmas Day 17!!!!!!!!!

What is your most proud moment?

This is a no-brainer for me.

It was the day I got hired on as a teacher.

I was hired at the end of October 2004, after what had been one of the most difficult summers I had ever faced.  A relationship had ended badly, I was heartbroken and the life I had planned had fallen down all around me.

I had moved back to my hometown after completing my teaching placement and was officially allowed to apply for jobs.  I was still working through my heartache but had made some professional connections and had an interview all set to go.  My first ever career oriented interview!  Not knowing how how I did I returned home that day just happy to have been given a chance and to get some interview experience under my belt…not expecting in a million years they would give the job to someone so green…but they did…and I will never forget that feeling….



What a day!

What are you most proud of?

Hugs and love


Take All of Your Wasted Honor

Blogmas Day 16!!!!!!!

What is at the top of your bucket list?!

I made it to my previous top in the Summer of 2011 when I landed in Sydney, Australia…I NEVER thought I’d get there, to Australia I mean.  It was that one over-reaching accomplishment I wanted so much but never thought I’d actually get to do…I actually shed a few tears on the plane as soon as I saw Australia come in to view on my first trip out…(now just look at me…)

In the time that has passed, though, my bucket list has changed…yes I still want to travel, London and Ireland are huge on my travel bucket list…but in terms of priorities on my list I’d have to say starting my own family is pretty much at the top.  I feel like I am pretty content with where I am in life (in general) and the only thing that could make it better, to top it off if you will, is to have an attempt at my own little family.

One day 😉

What’s on your bucket list?

Hugs and love

Now I’m Coming Back Home

Sorry.  See my blogmas day 9.

What a rough few days it’s been!

Back on track….here are my previous three days all rolled into one…

Day 13 – What is your earliest memory?

Hmmm….I have had a long hard think about this one and a few come to mind.  I’m not sure if any are earlier than this one but this seems quite early on so why not…

I clearly remember sitting in our sunroom as a little girl playing nurse with my dog Sam and meeting the lady who would become my kindergarten teacher.  (they used to make house visits back then…).  I don’t really remember my teacher (in fact I can’t even recall her name currently) but I remember playing with my dog more…it was a ritual we had…she (my dog) would lay in the sun and I would pretend she had hurt her paw and I would bandage it up.  I’m certain it was very adorable.

Day 14 – If I won the lottery

How much are we talking?  The 50 Million??  It’s such a tricky question…everyone thinks it would be amazing to win that much but I bet you life just gets that much harder…the one thing I would definitely do is to pay off all my debts.  After that, who knows.  I can’t say till I’m in that situation.

Day 15 – Timeline of your Day (typical work day)

4:40am – wake up, roll over to look at clock hoping that it’s at least 6am…never is

6:00am – out of bed…stretching, some crunches…

6:10am – shower/get ready

7:00am – walk dog

7:10am – make lunch

7:15 am – leave for work

7:30am – 3:00pm – work

3:00pm – 5pm – hang out with my dog, get caught up on tv I taped, eat dinner

5:30pm – 7pm – gym

7:30pm – any pressing marking/prep to do

9:00pm – bed

Repeat Mon – Fri

Thanks for getting caught up with me 🙂

Hugs and Love

Don’t Want No Captain Crunch

Blogmas Day 12!!!!!

Weird post today: what’s in your fridge…almost as exciting as what’s in my purse…almost….

I share the space with my housemate so I’m not going to list what she has (because I don’t know!) but here is a sampling of my stuff:

– bottle of wine (the most important staple)
– lactose free milk
– celery
– eggs
– hummus
– cucumber
– tomatoes
– arugula
– turnips
– red grapefruit
– red grapes
– oranges
– red onions
– supplies for a potluck Christmas party tomorrow night (Brie, spiced Gouda, salami)
– and a bunch of jars full of sauces, dips, marinades…

Now your day is complete…you can imagine what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Hugs and Love


Raindrops On Roses And Whiskers On Kittens

Blogmas Day 11!!!!!!!!

These are a few of my favourite things…15 to be exact! (in no particular order…)

1.  Movies…I loves me a good/weird/thoughtful/funny/sad movie….one recent one that warmed my heart is The Giant Mechanical Man….super cute….

2. Animals…they’re just soooo cool…

3. Mexican food…authentic mexican…mmmmmmmm my favourite!

4.  Beaches…the warm, soft sand kind…not the Bette Midler kind…waves or ripples, I’m good either way!

5. Summer…’nuf said

6.  The colour green…not a normal favourite colour but there is no question it is my favourite…I think it’s one of the reasons I love Spring/Summer so much…especially Canadian summers…so green!  Look out if I ever get to Ireland!

7.  Good TV…included in this category: Homeland, The Newsroom, Damages, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones…(Seinfeld/Friends re-runs!!!)

8.  Cookbooks….I love them.  I own a few and although it is rare that I would make every single recipe out of one entire book, I love to read through them and get inspired

9.  Australia…it’s no secret

10.  My family and friends (technically the same)…the most loving and supportive bunch of crazy people I know…

11.  The outdoors……camping/hiking/paddling/skating/snowboarding/running/cycling/walking…you name it and I’m there!

12. Music……huge outlet for me…current (and staple) faves:  Bastille, Lorde, City and Colour, Kings of Leon, Metric…

13. Spinning…my favourite form of exercise…with the exception of bootcamp…which I totally got addicted to this summer!

14. Golf…yes golf…watching AND playing…

15.  Canada…with getting prepped to leave my home country for a year it has allowed me the opportunity to realize just how much I AM Canadian and how much I really do love my Country…if only our climate could be the same as Australia’s!

Hugs and love


When I Smile, Tell Me Some Bad News

Blogmas Day 10!!!!

What is my best physical feature?….

Strange, and difficult, to try and think of this and decide on your own…especially for one who has suffered all her life with extremely low self-esteem.

I guess I would have to say either my smile or my eyes…both I get complimented on often.

The little insecure ugly duckling in me is having a hard time not pointing out flaws of both…but I do sometimes enjoy my looking at my eyeballs and I have worked hard at my smile (braces etc) so I will just leave it as a tie and move on and say thank you for the compliments on both!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and love.

I’ll Move In With The Right Of Will

Blogmas day 9 (on day 10…)

Brings me to bad habits…I don’t smoke, bite my nails, pick at my skin or pick my nose…but I procrastinate.


I can’t seem not to…even when I have a ton of things to do I know I’ll get around to it sooner or later and just keep looking at the later…then I get totally stressed out over all the things I need to do.

I honestly wish there was a cure…people who aren’t procrastinators don’t get it…if it was as easy as just doing it don’t you think we would!!!????

I may never be cured but I will always be working on it…tomorrow.

Hugs and love

Don’t Play Him Cheap ‘Cause You Know He Ain’t Shy

Blogmas Day 8!

Who wants to know what’s in my handbag?!!!  Remember, I’m just following along with preset topics 🙂

I typically don’t carry much in my purse (currently a black cross-body satchel with gold chain from Forever 21)…here are my current items:

– my wallet – purchased at Target (no cash)

– my make-up case (which has its own blog post coming up so I’ll skip what’s in it)

– pack of excel winter fresh gum with one piece left

– my current favourite pair of sunglasses I received from a guy I was seeing

Exciting no?!!!  I don’t fully understand what else needs to be in a purse….depending on the weather the only other thing I would carry is an umbrella, or gloves…and maybe a water bottle if I’m out all day….my phone has my calendar and the only time I carry my iPad is if I’m travelling…I love the look of big shoulder bags but I could never fill one!

Do you have a big purse?  What do you fill it with?!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and love



Blogmas Day 7!!!

No creative quote on this one…too much Christmas cheese and cheer to think of a good corresponding music lyric for today…

Blogmas Day 7 takes a look at my pet peeves…It’s funny, whenever I’m asked about this I always think I don’t have any but then something will inevitably happen a few days later and I think “ok so THAT bothers me”…I don’t seem to think too much on pet peeves until they actually happen!  I will do my best though…I know I can at least come up with one!

1.  Driving in Milton…I absolutely LOVE driving….I will always volunteer to be the driver on a road trip and I enjoy my few minutes of quiet time in the car on my short morning commute…but man, driving in the town I live in is so frustrating….especially coming out of my subdivision….there’s an advance arrow people…more than two cars should get through!!

2. People who don’t acknowledge you when you let them into your lane…again, dealing with driving…when did we lose the common courtesy of a short little wave….are we really that lazy as a society that even lifting your hand up for two seconds tires you out?!

3.  When people stand directly behind you in line…I have a pretty reasonable bubble around me, meaning I don’t need a ton of personal space…but when there is a line up and I move forward to pay I didn’t invite you to tag along…stay back in the line weirdo.

I’m sure there are a lot more but that’s all I can think of right now!  What are some of your pet peeves?!?

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and love

The Rivers Made of Sound

Blogmas Day 6

Yes…it’s up on the 7th…sorry…but a girl’s gotta have wine!  I had a celebratory night last night and with finishing work, going to the gym and then getting ready for, and going to, my night out..well there was no time…but not to worry…you’ll get TWO posts today!

Today has me informing the blogosphere what my five senses are doing right now….

Sight…well right at this second my eyeballs are looking at my computer screen as I type this but around me they may also see my Christmas tree all lit up and my dog sleeping as close to me as he can get without actually getting on the couch…as well as everything else in my living room…I will not list everything…

Hearing…I have my TV turned into the Holiday favourites on Galaxie radio…currently I’m listening to ‘Let it snow’ by Vaughn Monroe…

Taste…I just got home from my big family Christmas dinner…I couldn’t eat another thing but I am settling my tummy (too much food) with some peppermint tea….delish

Touch…well, the keys on my computer for one and my cozy blanket wrapped around my feet/legs…

Smell….In the winter I am in love with pine scented candles…I got one from Chapters last year and was very sad when it ran out…I picked up a few more this year and currently have the smell of pine wafting up my nose…I stocked up so I can bring a few with me to Oz…Australia smells like Eucalyptus, which I love, but I know I will miss home and maybe the smell of pine will help 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!!

Hugs and love