Now I’m Coming Back Home

Sorry.  See my blogmas day 9.

What a rough few days it’s been!

Back on track….here are my previous three days all rolled into one…

Day 13 – What is your earliest memory?

Hmmm….I have had a long hard think about this one and a few come to mind.  I’m not sure if any are earlier than this one but this seems quite early on so why not…

I clearly remember sitting in our sunroom as a little girl playing nurse with my dog Sam and meeting the lady who would become my kindergarten teacher.  (they used to make house visits back then…).  I don’t really remember my teacher (in fact I can’t even recall her name currently) but I remember playing with my dog more…it was a ritual we had…she (my dog) would lay in the sun and I would pretend she had hurt her paw and I would bandage it up.  I’m certain it was very adorable.

Day 14 – If I won the lottery

How much are we talking?  The 50 Million??  It’s such a tricky question…everyone thinks it would be amazing to win that much but I bet you life just gets that much harder…the one thing I would definitely do is to pay off all my debts.  After that, who knows.  I can’t say till I’m in that situation.

Day 15 – Timeline of your Day (typical work day)

4:40am – wake up, roll over to look at clock hoping that it’s at least 6am…never is

6:00am – out of bed…stretching, some crunches…

6:10am – shower/get ready

7:00am – walk dog

7:10am – make lunch

7:15 am – leave for work

7:30am – 3:00pm – work

3:00pm – 5pm – hang out with my dog, get caught up on tv I taped, eat dinner

5:30pm – 7pm – gym

7:30pm – any pressing marking/prep to do

9:00pm – bed

Repeat Mon – Fri

Thanks for getting caught up with me 🙂

Hugs and Love

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