Don’t Play Him Cheap ‘Cause You Know He Ain’t Shy

Blogmas Day 8!

Who wants to know what’s in my handbag?!!!  Remember, I’m just following along with preset topics 🙂

I typically don’t carry much in my purse (currently a black cross-body satchel with gold chain from Forever 21)…here are my current items:

– my wallet – purchased at Target (no cash)

– my make-up case (which has its own blog post coming up so I’ll skip what’s in it)

– pack of excel winter fresh gum with one piece left

– my current favourite pair of sunglasses I received from a guy I was seeing

Exciting no?!!!  I don’t fully understand what else needs to be in a purse….depending on the weather the only other thing I would carry is an umbrella, or gloves…and maybe a water bottle if I’m out all day….my phone has my calendar and the only time I carry my iPad is if I’m travelling…I love the look of big shoulder bags but I could never fill one!

Do you have a big purse?  What do you fill it with?!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and love



Author: upsidedowncanuck

Adventurous....not as funny as I think I am. I care about things. Mostly living things. Some non-living things. I believe in education and strongly believe that you are not fully educated until you step outside of your own little world. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don't live at all.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Play Him Cheap ‘Cause You Know He Ain’t Shy”

  1. I’m so jealous that you can get away with only a few things in your bag! I have so much junk that the kiddos can’t even lift it most days! Guess that means they won’t be nicking it any time soon!? xoxo

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