The Frister Chronicles

I met Cathie, the real person, over eight years ago. I had literally just had my heart broken and had to attend a friends wedding solo. Thankfully a good friend of mine was also going and he brought along his girlfriend at the time. I think Cathie and I officially met a few days prior to the wedding itself but I was in that post breakup haze where days kind of blend together and you live in the same hoodie and pair of jeans for what seems like weeks but really only is a few days?! Anyway…fate brought us together. I was in solid form at the wedding…totally getting into it with a jag-off at the table who was seriously the most ignorant person I had ever met…but somehow, in some weird cosmic way, we managed to click. Seriously if I had been her seeing me all crazy I would have wanted nothing to do with me!

So we knew each other…but nothing, and honestly NOTHING, starts a real solid friendship off like getting plastered in New Orleans together. And it wasn’t the Hurricanes, they were yummy, but it was the Hand Grenades….cats that look like paper balls (or vice versa), voodoo, prank trivia for beads, ass smacking and uncontrollable laughter….it’s where “we” were born and there has been no turning back.

Cathie is an amazing friend and I love her like a sister. She is actually the one who came up with the word “frister”. You’re my friend but I think of you more like a sister….Frister.

So that’s Cathie the human….Cathie the “Frister” stuffed bunny came about just by fluke. I had been at this art show with my mom a few years ago and came across an artist who makes these Fierce Bunnies (Sonja Alhers….seriously she’s a genius). Well I LOVE bunnies and these are just the cutest. So I bought this little purple angora bunny that sits in a tiny tea cup….there she sat beside my bed bringing a smile to my face every morning. Jump ahead to my plans for march break 2011….The year I wasn’t going to do anything. Ya ok!….a fair bit into semester two and I realized I needed to get away so I planned a trip to California to see the coast and get caught up with an old friend. Now, Cathie and I have traveled a little bit together but being a teacher I am a bit limited to the dates I can travel. So I usually travel on march break….which, incidentally always coincides with Cathie’s birthday (booo). So anytime one of us goes somewhere when the other cant we always ask each other to take us in their sooooootcase. Upon this particular request for my 2011 trip I got an idea; I CAN take you with me! I shall make my fierce bunny “Cathie” and my Frister can join me on my trip! It wasn’t until I started documenting the trip that I realized just how great of an idea it was! Sure people were looking at me like I had lost my mind (and they still do)…but I found a way to keep my best friend close and always with me no matter how far apart we are physically.

It has progressed a bit now. For Christmas this year, before my big move around the Earth, I got the human Cathie a fierce bunny so she can always keep me close as well…so far I have been to Peru and there is a Panama trip closing in that I can’t wait for!!

Currently my frister is enjoying adventures with me in Australia…she particularly likes hiding on Australia’s “big things” and really loves visiting Simon’s dads place….I call it Cathie’s Wonderland and it’s my goal to get one new adventure shot every time we visit.

So without further adieu….here are the (Australian) Frister chronicles!

Human Cathie (left) and Human me (right)


Frister Cathie (left) and Frister me (right)


Cathie all packed and ready for adventure!!!


Our first visit to Beechworth (aka Cathie’s wonderland)! Playing with a Peli and lounging by the pool! Life is great!



Cathie keeping busy at the library….perhaps feeling a bit homesick?!



At Cape Horn winery. Enjoying some wine, hangin with the flock and check mate!




On our trip to Mildura….with the big Murray cod (look close enough) and the big fig tree (again…look hard). Watching some birds, getting in trouble by the fishermen, Cathie’s seat in the car, at our fancy schmancy dinner….pining for dessert, wine and enjoying the menu…and some CC and ginger!!










Next: Kangaroo Island! Seal bay, little sahara, remarkable rocks, admirals arch, beach time and the bees knees….










Then, everyone’s favorite…WINE (borassa valley tour)



The Grampians…. Or the climb of a gazillion steps!



Small sampling of Cathie’s Wonderland…..always something fun going on in beechy…






Author: upsidedowncanuck

Adventurous....not as funny as I think I am. I care about things. Mostly living things. Some non-living things. I believe in education and strongly believe that you are not fully educated until you step outside of your own little world. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don't live at all.

3 thoughts on “The Frister Chronicles”

  1. I love this and am going to have to run this past my best girl. Totally stealing this. Also keep her away form chickens because they’re creepy.

    1. Deb I friggin love this ahhaha oh the memories….there musta been something special in those hand grenades. You are one of the best people I have met, and I am soooooooo excited that I have my “Deb” to travel with me while you are away!!! Next stop……PANAMA! xoxoxoxo

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