April Already?!

Nothing April Fools about waking up on your long, slow distance run day without the ability to freely move your head without the wind getting knocked out of you! Thanks pinched nerve wherever you are!!!

It is Sunday April first and in eleven days I will have been in Australia for two whole months. Really hard to believe!

Simon has been crazy busy at work and he just had his first day off in what seems like forever so we put it to use checking out the local area.

We first hit up Echuca’s farmers market. So cute! Only about ten tables but I could have bought a bunch of stuff from them all! Veggies, cookies, organic meat…all you need! Even got me wondering if I should put in a little table and sell my brownies and ginger molasses cookies! Maybe 😉

We then made our way to a small town nearby called Kyabram. We pass the sign for it on our trips to Melbourne and I picked up a little brochure about it at the Echuca information centre. Looked cute and there was a Fauna Park in town so off we went! Got to the park around 1130 and started our self guided tour. Lots of great animals for a small privately owned nature centre. First order of business were the flying foxes!!! I have only ever seen them on tv shows and in
movies (Fern Gully anyone?!)…anyway, I was mesmerized (especially when Simon jumps back and says ” Oi he’s pissing”…I seriously thought the fox was aiming at him the way they pee!)

Then the regulars; birds, emus, tassie devils, snakes, lizards, dingoes, a few kangaroos hopping around…and Koala of course! Busiest, most active Koala I’ve seen yet!!

Headed back into town around 1:30pm and when we got to the main street everything had closed down!! Ahhh small Australian country towns!! So we headed to the local pub (still gotta drink!) and had a bite before heading back home.

Side note: Simon has a patio…a nice one…that is shaded by a bunch of gum trees that are on the other side of his fence…I should say WAS shaded. The city decided the eucalypts were too close to the hydro wires (seriously NO WHERE NEAR THEM!) so they decided to chop most of them down. Simon actually fared pretty well in the debacle only losing one of them but it did open up quite a bit of his patio and took away a big screen/privacy blockage. SO…we stopped at the local hardware store on our journey home to look at some plants. He has beautiful magnolias in his little planter garden that were put there by the previous owners but they don’t have enough room to flourish. He wants a complete overhaul but it is a huge investment so he is starting small. So he got a few petostrums (sp?) to put in the area where the tree was taken away. Also picked up some herbs to grow and use. I planted the trees and potted the herbs….he mowed the lawns. At one point while shoveling a hole in the dirt and listening to the whir of the mower I had a very strong feeling of playing house…then I remembered I’m 36 and it’s not a game….regardless, it was fun!

Dinner at cool new local joint and that’s the first day off in a while!

Easter is up next! Headed to the High country…an area I particularly love because it reminds me of home. Much different from your typical Australian landscape. More deciduous trees and grassy pastures…feels like home!

Happy first day of April! Autumn is just around the corner! (spring for everyone else!)

Flying Foxes


Bearded Dragon…just like my Darwin (I had one as a pet)


Sulphur crested cockatoo …. They are everywhere in Echuca….beautiful


Sleeping wombats…still my favorite Aussie animal and still haven’t seen one in the wild yet…


This is what possums look like in Australia! Much cuter than ours! He was tucked up in a shed in an old pioneer exhibit…not part of the scheduled tour…BONUS!


A little view of the missing tree!!! Boo


The solution hopefully!


A little herb garden (hard H in Oz)


Last but not least…Peppy…the very active koala!

Author: upsidedowncanuck

Adventurous....not as funny as I think I am. I care about things. Mostly living things. Some non-living things. I believe in education and strongly believe that you are not fully educated until you step outside of your own little world. The brave may not live forever but the cautious don't live at all.

One thought on “April Already?!”

  1. I love the wombat’s sleeping position. Also even when you’re as old as I am you can still play 😉 and you’re eons younger. It has to be fun after all.

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